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Augmented reality is a mix of technologies (software) built into a smartphone or laptop equipped with a webcam that allows you to observe and enrich surroundings with layers of informations, and virtual and multimedia  elements. Creating new models of communication in real time, ranging from advertising to home automation, for different kind of markets: from tourism to consumer.

Already used by military research or in academic or medical studies, augmented reality, since 2009, has reached people’s attention through adv campaigns, on newspapers or on the web. The fact that augmented reality applications are normally accessible by standard Internet browsers has boosted the birth and growth of  Augmented Advertising, as a new way (through AR)  for advertising and promotion of the major corporate brands (ex. Esquire magazine popular AR campaign).

Recent devices technology improvement has also greatly influenced the development and deployment of an increasing number of applications for smartphones (Android, iPhone). It is now possible, thanks to AR apps, to find geolocal based informations, to view images from the web as from social networks or to view informations and instructions overlaying reality, to follow tweets, to find your 3d carpark, to play videogames with the city as a whole playground, to report news tagged to specific places in real time.

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