CHAAC HA’, Water System Collector

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“We addressed the issue of scarcity, over exploitation and pollution of water. It makes evident and urgent a rational and responsible water use, which allows its supply in quantity and quality over time through a dynamic and ecological balance. Therefore the effort to study the characteristics of our region such as the resources availability, population growth and climate, are approaches that lead us to solve the problem of water access in rural communities which are the main ones lacking of this resource. The prototype was designed to emulate the natural strategies of bromeliads species Tilandsia brachycaulos and spider webs created by arachnid Eriophora ravilla. In the case of bromeliad, we specifically emulated the structures called trichomes that are found in the epidermis of the plant. The form of the collector of “CHAAC-HA” was designed based on the bromeliads foliage arrangement and its catchment area. It has the function of collecting and storing water. It was developed with certain materials with specific characteristics, in this case Teflon fabric. It complies with the features demanded by the challenge: flexible, waterproof and rapid cooling. The structural basis of the product will be built emulating the structural characteristics of the spider web. It will be made of bamboo sticks (reused from the fishing in the region). It is very resistant and durable in addition of having the ideal dimensions for construction and biodegradable. We will collect dew and rain water using this prototype.”

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