Innovation Cup 2013

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InnovationCup2013 is much more than a contest: STMicroelectronics invites students, researchers & scholars to live a journey of innovation to discover & foresee the technological platform of the future that will deeply enhance human life!

Unlike other apparently similar contests, ST is proposing to be part ofa real industrial project that, beginning with students’ ideas, arrives at the realization of a prototype and at the definition of an effective business plan.

ST in partnership with ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH is building experience on a new mediated environment of research: a journey upon the idea of an intersectional research practice between the various disciplines of engineering, electronics, computing, physics, with all creative contemporary arts disciplines in a new fecund innovation domain. The goal of the project is  to create a fruitful and fertile territory built on connected relationships of engineering process within art, and -across this polarity- to activate processes of emphasis.

Innovationcup2013 chose the word transresearch as a term that embraces emergent meanings around the multivarious interpretations of the world ‘transdisciplinarity’.

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