Flexible Display Using Printing Technology

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There is at least one connection between printing technology and flexible displays. The connection between these two innovative technologies resulted into a huge flexible display with 42-inch diagonal. The display is the result of collaboration between Toppan Printing and Plastic Logic, and the first demo was presented at Retail Tech Japan.

The 42-inch bendable display uses thin film transistors (OTFTs), technology with field-effect transistors build by using semiconductors layer, dielectric layer, and metallic contacts.

Display features includes areas with flexible electrophoretic display (EPD) module which consist in a Plastic Logic monochrome display with a pixel pitch of 0.7 mm. This technology has a better resolution compared with electronic paper displays about six times.

Other features include a thickness of 3mm also with a major impact on weight.

This bendable display can be used in various applications including on a wall like a poster.


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