Interview with Jatun Risba

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Jatun Risba (‘ki’) is an artist of self, linguist of kinship and joker exploring beyond human paradigms. By approaching Art, Science, Technology in terms of ritual mysticism, ki recovers poetry and magic in contemporary societies. Since 2014 Risba has been developing the practice of ‘interesse’ (Dance of Life) which consists of liminal somatic & vocal expressions in a state of trance. These ‘arts of self’, performed among and with others, create opportunities to reveal, expand and rewire the self while acknowledging the divine comedy of life. Risba holds a BA Hons from NABA, Milan and a PGC in Art & Science from CSM–University of the Arts, London.

Risba uses the pronouns ki (sing) and kin (poss/plur). The artistic, speculative, philosophical, cognitive initiative ‘Language of kinship’ explores the role of language in shaping human thoughts, behaviours and imaginaries.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the artist has been employing natural environments as main sites of practice. After the ‘actio’ Be-coming Tree in April 2020, Risba launched the fb page @becomingtree: a grassroots vitrine and online decentralized platform for art professionals interested in ‘making kin’ with the natural world in a postspeciest perspective. The project has been producing collective online Live Art ‘Be-coming Tree’ events that involve a global net of artists and audiences. Risba has exhibited and performed widely, including at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, at Kersnikova Institute in Ljubljana, at Tate Exchange in London, and gave lectures or workshops internationally, at the University of the Underground, at the Goethe University Frankfurt, at the Moving Image Research Lab in Montreal.



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