Interview with Giada Totaro

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Giada Totaro is a new media artist and innovative didactic expert. Between 2002 and 2015 she graduated in “Theatre Direction” and “Cinema, TV and Multimedia Production” at the University of Roma Tre, the first level master “Digital Environment Design” at NABA in Milan, and the second level Diploma at the School of New Technologies of The Fine Arts of Brera, in Milan.

Her practice is based on the creation of artistic laboratories with new technologies where she explores the techniques of interactive arts and fast prototyping, mainly with the use of the Arduino micro controller. The result of these collective experiences, in the form of interdisciplinary works involving performance, audiovisual, photography, music together with the subjects of science, technology and engineering, is absolutely unique and unrepeatable and constitutes the soul of her artistic production.

Since 2017 in Lecce (Italy) she is founder and director at STEAM Atelier, a non-profit organisation that spreads interdisciplinary thinking through the history and the didactics of the New Media Arts through STEAM teaching methodologies, especially among the younger generations. In 2020 STEAM Atelier is among the first hundred winners of the STEM2020 call promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Equal Opportunities, with the project “Creative workshops from STEM to STEAM: BE-Coming Animals”, for a group of 12 participants aged eight to twelve completely immersed in the countryside and in the open air, realised in partnership with the e-learning lab of NOEMA.



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