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Who’s Delma?
A woman does many things

That was the dialogue between two engineers, more than ten years ago to explain Delma’s role as someone who interacts and creates projects and activities on interinstitutional modalities through art, science, technology and society fields. Specifically, the anecdote refers to InfoArt project, created and coordinated by her, as national project settled in public education that connected teachers training education, students, museums throughout ICT within innovative multidisciplinary perspective for seven years.

Mediated by ICT

Her first video conference in 2002 was by satellite on 14 multi nodes connecting several provinces in a distributed educational congress in Uruguay. Since that she’s never stopped to produce, organize and create cultural/educative contents in remote and presencial way throughout advanced network of internet in Uruguay with other countries in the Americas, west Europe, Australia and also IceCube Observatory in Antarctica.

Her own interests and actions led her to be trained in several fields within multidisciplinary background. With two vital degrees in education such as Bachelor in Science of Education (research option) at University of the Republic and Teacher Education degree in Visual Communication (at ANEP, National Board of Public Education), then she obtained postgraduates in: Master in Visual Arts and Education (Interinstitutional Master with University of Barcelona, University of Granada and University of Girona); Diploma in Social Sciences titled “Education, Images and Media” at FLaCSo in Buenos Aires and Postgraduate Program in Media Arts (National University of Cordoba in Argentina, University of Chile, University of Caldas and MECAD in Spain). Besides a Master named “Educative Processes Mediated by Technology” (ongoing thesis project) in National University of Cordoba.

Currently, Delma has been director of Latin America-Europe Cultural Ring in Uruguay, from 2011 to date. She designed the project for which Uruguay became a new official node to the ring, this project aims at creating, accessing and democratising of quality contents in arts, science, technology and society in local and global advanced internet networks. For example: “Uruguay visits CERN”, “Friends of CERN network in LATAM”, “(Neutrinos and +), connection with ALMA, experimental concerts and others from National Auditorium, “Performing Arts Network in LATAM”, Museography network, among others. Thus, in the Ring of Uruguay during these years many different institutions have been integrated, such as universities, cultural centres, schools, high schools, auditoriums, museums, etc. In this way, Cultural Ring in Uruguay has allowed direct populations together with specialists and national benchmarks that have interacted with other international peers. In this framework, she has coordinated activities and projects between several countries in the Americas, west Europe, Australia, Antarctica, etc. Reaching a peak of sixty nodes connected simultaneously.

She was selected to join the program “Training Leaders for the Next Generation of Internet” 2014 in ISOC Internet Society. In 2015, she organized several sessions by video conference to promote and engage new audiences in IG Internet Governance. Many importants referents in IG at LATAM and Europe participated in these conferences. For example: Rodrigo de la Parra VP ICANN, Sebastian Bellagamba CEO ISOC-LATAM, Shernon Osepa ISOC, Alejandro Pisanty ICANN ISOC and UNAM, Olga Cavalli SSIG ICANN and ISOC, Cristina Monti and Christer Hammarlund (European Commission), among others.

Due to her work in education and museums she has been summoned by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay to integrate the Iberoamerican Technical Committee Award in Education and Museums (Ibermuseos Technical Unit in Brasilia), in its editions 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014.

In 2012 she was a partner at WEYA (World Event Young Artists), a British organization that convened the first world meeting of young artists held in the framework of the Cultural Olympics, which accompanied the London 2012 Olympics Games.

Research lines

She obtained fundings to develop research and intervention cultural projects, such as: InfoArt project 2008 (National Board Public Education in Education Training Council of Uruguay); Museography network MuRe 2017 project in Contest Funding for the Culture at Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay.

She served as researcher to the project “Pedagogical practice in innovative learning environments” 2011-13, funded by Organization of Iberoamerican States, A Coruna County Council in Spain and Education Training Council of Uruguay.

Since to 2005 to date, she’s worked as a teacher in graduate degrees such as: courses Image Theory and Theory of Visual Arts and since to 2017 she has also taught History and Theory of Dance at Teacher Training Institute in Montevideo.

She has given conferences, talks and workshops on education, culture and ICT issues in several countries such as: Social Summits of MercoSur in Foz de Iguazú (2010), Asunción (2011) and Mendoza (2012), Contemporary Art Museum of Chile, MUAC Universitary Contemporary Art Museum of UNAM in Mexico, Multimedia Centre at CeNArt National Centre of the Arts in Mexico, NRIEN Red CUDI Meeting (2015), NRIEN RENATA Network Meeting and RUMBO Network in Bogotá (2015), TICAL Latin American Conferences of Directors in IT (2013, 2016, 2017), IVAM Valencian Institute of Modern Art and University of Valencia (2016) ), NWS New World Symphony (2018), Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (2018), among others.

Her motto in life: “Let us find a common purpose and we will create the rest”

This video was recorded in the Panoramic View Point (City Hall building) at Montevideo.
Camera and audio: Iván Ibáñez
15th December, 2018


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