Bridges between arts, science and technology

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Science is about discovering reality. Art is about unveiling it. The KiiCS project gathers scientists and artists to bring science closer to society through artistic creativity. Interactions between art, science and new technologies will stimulate new ideas to communicate science, foster innovation and improve quality of life across Europe.

KiiCS (Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science) is a 3-year European Commission-funded project (February 2012 – January 2015) aiming to:

  • Incubate” art, science and technology through multidisciplinary actions. Artists and scientists will be brought together to produce and work on new, innovative ideas thus providing evidence of the positive impact of art and science interaction on creativity and innovation.
  • Encourage young people to engage in scientific activities and raise their interest in science and technology. Young adults (14-17 years old) will discover new ways to look at science with the support of creative and artistic interventions.
  • Connect innovative ideas with the business world. The best ideas stemming from art and science interaction will be presented to businesses and potential investors as a new investment opportunity.

KiiCS’ goal is to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking: participants will be encouraged to work together across sectors’ boundaries to stimulate new forms of creativity and socioeconomic innovation.


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