Interview with Freddy Paul Grunert

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Freddy Paul Grunert is an artist and associate curator at ZKM, Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, a research centre and museum that specialises in the study of information technology and its social and cultural repercussions, where he curated among other things, the anthology Francesco Lo Savio – Tano Festa. The Lack of the Other. Grunert studied philosophy and anthropology in Stuttgart and Rome. ETCAEH Nova Gorica and TU Technischen Universität Berlin are two of his most recent lecturing posts. Starting from the mid-1980s, he has contributed as an artist and curator to film, art e new media festivals, including the Venice Biennials where with the work Xenografia (a term coined by him) he launched a series of researches into new media art and communication physics, which were hosted also at the festivals of Locarno, São Paulo and Berlin. He was engaged in political activity in Strasbourg and Brussels at The Council of Europe and the European Parliament, and at the Climate Change Conference. Such activity merged in Selph2 and was acknowledged by various commendations, among which Cecil of The Council of Europe 2012 with Climate Walk, Mindthestorm, developed with ZKM, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, TU Berlin, PIK, Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and the recognition as Official contribution for Sustainable Development by the United Nations and by the Record Again! 40 Jahre Videokunst collection Goethe Institut. His most recent research weaves new media and science with Meet the media guru (Milano 2015), Beyond Einstein’s Dream-Global 2015 ZKM, and new media art and militancy with Ceçi n’est pas une table, International Festival of Commons (Chieri 2015). Moderator for Die Grosse Revolution whit Nanni Balestrini and Toni Negri, Berlin 2016. Special Editor for Babylon3 magazine (since 2015). Maxxi Temporary School, talk Tecnoutopia o decrescita e decelerazione (techno utopia decreasing acceleration), Rome 2016.



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