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Elif Ayiter, aka. Alpha Auer. I was trained as a graphic designer, and worked for many years in the graphic design industry as an art director; after which I switched to academia. Nowadays, I teach full time at Sabancı University, Istanbul. My areas of instruction are graphic design, art and computing, theory of creative practice, and visual communication design history.

These days, sadly, I am no longer active as a professional graphic designer, outside of teaching it, that is. I do however, still make a lot of stuff and some of it looks like graphic design, I suppose. But, what I mainly like to spend my time on is making habitats and clothing for Second Life and OpenSim avatars. I do not like to call what I make “art” or “design” or to describe myself as an “artist” or a “designer” – instead I like to call myself a “thingmaker,” a term that I think covers a multitude of sins, and one which I have borrowed from a brilliant shape generator made by Dale Innis in Second Life.

As an academic, one is also expected to research, write and publish academically; so I do quite a bit of that as well: My texts have been published in journals such as the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, the Journal of Consciousness Studies, Technoetic Arts and the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds. I have authored several book chapters in edited academic anthologies and presented creative work and papers at art spaces and conferences including The John Hansard Gallery (UK), The Biennial de Cerveira (PT), ISEA2011, Siggraph, Creativity and Cognition, Computational Aesthetics, SPIE, Consciousness Reframed, and Cyberworlds. From 2009 to 2016 I also did editorial work as the editor-in-chief of the Metaverse Creativity journal with Intellect publishers in the UK.

I have obtained my PhD from the Planetary Collegium, CAiiA hub in 2012, where I studied with Roy Ascott, Mike Phillips and Chris Speed. In more recent years I was also very proud to be the Director of Studies for the Ionian node (Greece) of the Planetary Collegium.



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