Human & Machine: The Next Great Creative Partnership

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Artificial Intelligence is embedding itself in every industry across the globe. If the last ten years were about building AI to help automate analytical and process-driven tasks, the next ten will be about building AI to augment creative workers across all disciplines. The field of computational creativity, or creative AI, is growing at a rapid pace.

We are just at the beginning of understanding what amazing, unforeseen, positive impacts AI will have on the creative human condition. Led by a keynote from creative technologist Ross Goodwin (USA), co-creator of Sunspring, the world’s first film entirely written by an artificial intelligence bot using neural networks, we will explore the ways artificial intelligence will democratise, distribute and escalate the availability of creativity with a panel that includes key voices in technology, academia and creative industries.

FiveWordsForTheFuture - Jun 7, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence, Events
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