Next-Gen UnlimitedHand VR Haptic Controller

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It’s often said that seeing is believing, but with virtual reality, touch is a critical part of an immersive visual experience. But the current generation of VR input controls are stuck in the previous generation of gaming tech. Today at Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield, H2L is launching its UnlimitedHand controller that actually lets you feel what’s happening in the game.

The Tokyo-based H2L works through an advanced haptic feedback armband able to target the muscles in your arm that control each finger and deliver precise responses that mirror onscreen actions.

I met with H2L founder Ken Iwasaki, who told me that he wasn’t all that impressed with the current iterations of virtual reality controllers that were being prototyped and shown off to consumers. I had a chance to try on the UnlimitedHand controller and test out the haptic engine. The experience was pretty wild.



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